ReadyAPI is a suite of tools to help you ensure high quality, performance, and security in your APIs


ReadyAPI, created by SmartBear, is a complete API testing tool that lets testers and developers easily check APIs for functionality, performance, and security.


ReadyAPI has capabilities built specifically for testing REST, GraphQL, SOAP, JMS, and JDBC services.With native integrations for the most popular tooling around the DevOps ecosystem you can test below areas.

Functional Testing

  • ReadyAPI has support for data-driven testing ,such that you can store test data (inputs, requests, parameters, results, etc.) in some external storage (spreadsheet, XML, etc) and then use that data to drive them automatically
  • It has Point-and-Click capabilities let you incorporate advanced functionality into your API tests without complex scripting or multi-level navigation.
  • It easily integrates into your CI/CD process, with native plugins for Jenkins and other popular tools as well as any easy to use Command Line Interface.

Load Testing

  • You can create your functional tests in ReadyAPI and then re-use those existing testcases as the foundation for your load tests.
  • It also allows parallel load test and support for few third party load test generators and cloud providers


ReadyAPI is Available with free trial and then tiered paid pricing depending upon the basic features (functional testing) vs advanced features (load testing) and capacity. You can check pricing here


ReadyAPI is suitable for developers ,testers and business teams who are looking for higher scale and support on their services with more complexity. Also suitable for those who are already familiar with or are using SoapUI and needed more advanced features not available in SoapUI free version.

About the author
Irfan Ahmad

Irfan Ahmad

Software Quality Leader | Helping software teams to deliver with speed, security and scale.

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