Hoppscotch is a free and open-source API development platform to help you build, test, and document APIs


Hoppscotch is a lightweight, web-based API development suite to help you build, test, and document APIs . Its a free and self-hosted alternative to postman.

Available on Website , Cloud , Desktop Client , CLI Options. Hoppscotch Desktop App is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.


  • Hoppscotch offers a user interface where we can find support for Rest, WebSocket and GraphQL connections. You can easily send requests to APIs in different environments using Hoppscotch’s Environment and Environment Variable feature. The testing approach is similar to Postman, a simple code editor for writing test cases in Javascript.
  • Another feature is that it can be customized: from the background, accent color, font size, language and other features that are improving with the collaboration of the community.
  • one can configure a middleware between the application and the APIs, either through the use of a Proxy or by adding extensions for Chrome or Firefox:


Free and Open Source for Community Edition (Self Hosted).Enterprise Edition is paid and can be found here


Hoppscotch is the ideal tool for teams and projects requiring both manual and automation testing looking for self hosted alternative or cost effective alternative to postman ecosystem with most of similar features and usability.

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Irfan Ahmad

Irfan Ahmad

Software Quality Leader | Helping software teams to deliver with speed, security and scale.

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