Postman is an API platform for building ,testing and using APIs. Available in Free and Paid Versions


The Postman platform includes a comprehensive set of tools that help accelerate the API lifecycle—from design, testing, documentation, and mocking to the sharing and discoverability of your APIs.


Postman consists of API Client , Testing and Documentation tools as below

API client

The Postman API client is the foundational tool of Postman, and it enables you to easily explore, debug, and test your APIs while also enabling you to define complex API requests for HTTP, REST, SOAP, GraphQL, and WebSockets.

Through the API client, you can organize requests into Postman Collections to help you organize your requests for reuse so you don't waste time building everything from scratch.

API Testing

You cab build and run tests directly in Postman or as part of your CI/CD pipeline through Newman (a Collection Runner that enables you to run and test a Postman Collection directly from the command line)

API documentation

Postman supports markdown-enabled and machine-readable documentation through the Postman Collection format, and you can generate docs through your OpenAPI files as well.


Postman offers both free and paid plans. The free version provides basic API testing capabilities with certain limitations. Users can opt for the paid plans for extended features and fewer restrictions, designed to cater to more comprehensive testing needs.


Postman is ideally suited for software developers and QA engineers who require a versatile tool for API testing as it supports both user-friendly manual and automated testing.

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