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Being a hobbyist developer i keep writing software sometimes for fun and sometimes with a utility purpose in mind.In last few years had built apps for different platforms like web, android, iOS, backend API's and chatbots.

I work on these projects in my free time and they are in no way affiliated with any of my past or current employers.

Below are some of my live apps that you can try as they are available on web and popular app platforms like android play store, iOS app store ,expo , ubuntu and amazon markets.

Mobile Apps

  1. CryptoCurrently - Top cryptocurrencies with their current prices in INR
  • Android users can download CryptoCurrently Android App
  • iOS users can download CryptoCurrently iOS App
  • Since Cryptocurrency markets are volatile so you need to keep a check on the prices of different Cryptocurrencies but that's very difficult, time consuming and repetitive.
  • CryptoCurrently will keep you informed of the latest prices different cryptocurrencies in Indian currency on a single screen so that you can take decisions on time and earn more money :)
  1. ClipOn [Android Clipboard Manager and note making productivity app]

This is a highly productive app to clip contents from your device over any app and save,share and export anytime, anywhere.

  • Stores all that you have copied or cut in the past, allowing you to quickly
  • Find that snippet of text you’ve been looking for afterwards
  • Can store unlimited number of text clips and can be configured by user
  • Sleek interface with material design
  • Simple notification ,can be configured by users
  • Share the clips to any other app like Facebook, WhatsApp
  • Can take backup for existing clips and restore them
  • Clips can be recovered even after reboot or crash
  • Easy to use Material Design User Interface with simple click and swipe
  1. Candyman[Android Game]
  • Combines concept for Flappy bird and Super mario
  • Integrated Admob and google play services
  • If you love flappy bird game ,you will have to play this once
  1. TheTicGame[Android Game ]
  • Simple tic-tac game for android
  • There is also an iOS Implementation


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