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The Problem

Keeping your website problem-free is hard. When you change something, you often don't know if something is wrong until you check every part yourself.
what if there is a virtual monkey checking your website and score it as per best practices? and tells you what to improve?

The Solution

Look no further - just released the first version of our website checker lab which can take your webpage url and check your page across 30+ checks and best practices and scores accordingly ,it also gives a score on each of the top website quality categories.

Check sample report :

Features in v1.0

  • Takes url input and analyses page across 30+ checks
  • Captures Screenshot of page under desktop mode
  • Top Metrics listed in result and scored with numeric (out of 100) and alphabetical (A-F) where A is best and F worst
  • Lists all top quality check parameters and success/failure with description

Try Yourself

Link :

Please note : Only 1 test can run at a time but you can wait until your test is in queue ,if you are interested in dedicated usage ,email me.

What Next

  • Options to Run tests across devices/viewports - mobile/tablet etc
  • Support for users self signup on
  • Adding details page to score details section for logged in users

About the author
Irfan Ahmad

Irfan Ahmad

Software Quality Leader | Helping software teams to deliver with speed, security and scale.

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